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What is CAT?

The Centre for Applied Theology (CAT) is an international organisation fostering engagement with the Christian theological tradition by making learning opportunities available to people regardless of denomination, prior educational background, or location. It does this especially by means of current technologies.


Why CAT?

Theology is the treasure of faith, and rightly belongs to any- and everyone who would approach it. But the theological enterprise has long been restricted to clergy training and universities. As theological faculties disappear, Christians globally face ever more challenges. This is a time when opportunities for theological education should increase, allowing Christians to become more engaged with their foundations and their mission. CAT has a bias toward practice: not only analysing the world but changing it. in scope.


Where is CAT?

CAT is based in the United Kingdom, but uses technology to make its provision available without the limits of borders. It works on the wiki principle of contributions from as many as possible, linking with local initiatives to provide learning and dialogue events, and supporting other training endeavours. In this respect, CAT has a truly international scope. Where enough people gather in a single location to study a particular subject, learning groups are encouraged, but it would be equally possible for an individual undertaking study to engage in every aspect of the learning experience virtually. We seek to exploit the wiki principle to be globally local.


How does CAT work?

Technology is at the core of our work, beginning with a quality web presence, and using Youtube as our primary introduction and basic provision. We also deploy such educational tools as a VLE (e.g. Moodle), a networking facility (e.g. Zoom), and an on-line library. CAT operates at a number of levels corresponding to need and interest. To the browsing searcher: guided paths through the materials on offer on the web; to the serious student: structured modules; and to groups and individuals: a variety of resources in between.


Who is involved?

CAT relies on many small contributions of time and expertise, as many groups already provide theological education. We harness these excellent endeavours in return for our resources and input. To this end, CAT includes as contributors and supporters a number of scholars and church leaders representing many Christian traditions. Each of them is in accord with CAT’s intention of reflecting the priority of moving forward with a memory of the ecumenical venture of the first millennium towards a new, ecumenical engagement in a secular age. Rather than being the educational arm of any one church, CAT works collaboratively with all churches in order to effect a resource for engagement that is at once firmly Christian and genuinely ecumenical.

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