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The Centre for Applied Theology (CAT) is an organisation seeking to foster engagement with the Christian theological tradition by making learning opportunities available to people, regardless of denomination, prior educational background, or location. It does this especially by means of current technologies.

We offer a variety of programmes, courses, conversation series(es), individual lectures, and even video shorts, that we believe will be of some benefit to Christians seeking to engage with theological questions and build up their faith. This page is your portal to all that we currently offer, as well as an archive of things we have offered in the past.

Think of CAT as a department store, in which you can find any number of products to suit your needs, but all under one roof.


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By signing up to Become a Member of CAT, you will be showing your support for one of the most exciting initiatives in the Christian Church today. Once you have entered your details and paid for membership, you will instantly have access to the following:

  • All CAT programmes, including the Urban Abbey 'Foundation Year Programme', the 'Living Liturgy Forum', and any future courses offered by CAT. 

  • Throughout the year you will be notified of all updates to the website, including the addition of new courses. 

  • You will be granted access to our online forum and to our growing collection of library resources. 

  • You will be offered a 10% discount on all CAT Conferences. 

  • You will receive Centre news and information in the form of our newsletter. 

The cost of membership for one year is £20 (Approximately, $26).

CAT will only keep your name and email address on file for the duration of your membership, and will not share it with any external parties.